Mowing – Landscaping – Yard Clean Ups
Ozark - Nixa - Springfield
Mon-Sat: 8:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.


Landscaping can include:

Planting and Pruning- We can help educate you on what types of plants should be in the appropriate beds depending on how much sunlight and shade the bed receives. When it comes to pruning certain plants can't be cut back too much or they will die. We trim shrubs so they stay healthy and symmetrical.

Bed Design- we often install borders around beds such as metal edging, pavers, and flagstone. Most beds have either mulch or rock in the beds but their are pros and cons to both. Mulch often fades in color and needs to be replaced more often but is inexpensive. Rock in beds is more of an investment upfront but tends to last much long and never fades in color.

Hardscape Edging - Hardscapes are more popular these days because they require less maintenance than plastic edging, but look better than metal edging. You can weed eat around beds without worry of damage. A hardscape bed prevents bed run off, because it holds gravel and mulch much easier.


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